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Dynatech Solutions LTD offers a comprehensive selection of video security cameras and many other specialty CCTV cameras. Each video security camera is designed to meet the unique needs of virtually any video surveillance application and any budget.

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Find the video surveillance cameras that are perfect for your surveillance needs. Not sure whether to use a dome, bullet, or box camera? Need help deciding if a network IP camera is right for you? Contact with us to speak with one of our security consultants for expert advice. We offer free lifetime technical support on all products.

Who could benefit from a security camera system?

School Security -Security Cameras are a necessary tool in this process. It is impossible for security guards or school employees to be everywhere all the time. I believe that all measures should be taken to make sure our kids are safe. Surveillance cameras can be their eyes.

Retail Security - One of the largest threats to retail stores is theft. Employees typically have both access and opportunity to steal, and, in many cases, can be hard to catch. Security cameras are the absolute best way to solve this problem. They can deter people from stealing in the first place. The threat of being caught on video is often enough to drastically reduce employee shrinkage

Home Security – Home security camera systems are crucial in taking back your peace of mind. They have proven to reduce home invasions by acting as a strong deterrent. Home invaders are less likely to attack if they see security cameras in use. If there is an invasion, the recorded video can be used to convict the criminal preventing them from harming you or anyone else in the future.