Our approach to all client services is founded on our understanding of business needs and problems within our country and environment


Our customers are enjoying a number of services and support from the trained and professional staffs. Dynatech Solutions Ltd provides hardware services and software troubleshooting and remediation for Windows-based PCs and Servers; We can provide ostensibly any hardware or software services including:

Dynatech Solution sec pic
  • Hardware replacement
  • Operating system troubleshooting
  • Software and driver remediation
  • Spy ware and virus remediation
  • Network configuration

Our bench technicians are certified; most hold software certifications as well as networking certifications. All technicians have a minimum requirement of A+ and Network+ certifications as well as a two-year history in troubleshooting systems. We do increase life span of electrical equipments such as office equipments, Computers, Printers, Back ups, Photocopiers, Fax machines and allied peripherals.