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To secure your company, use the appropriate security service.

All organizations now face a challenge in protecting their information from threats due to the proliferation of technological devices that are readily available. In order to create a proactive defense system that can be successful over the long term, a company needs to be aware of its strengths and weaknesses.

To protect the entire IT operation against any threat, a thorough security service is essential. To remain proactive and secure, organizations must be informed about the most recent advancements in the industry.

DYNATECH SOLUTIONS will erect a barrier of protection between you and any danger.

The confidentiality of your personal information is the primary goal of security services. Our professionals at DYNATECH SOLUTIONS will secure your entire system and provide you with the safety you need for optimal performance.

Change to reliable, secure infrastructure.

  1. Integrity

Keep a secure infrastructure where you can guarantee data privacy.

A highly secure network is acquired by security services.

  1. Integrity

Make sure the data is accurate and unaltered by malicious software. Over the course of its entire work cycle, we provide data accuracy.

  1. Accessibility

ensuring that only authorized users have secure access to data. We provide the authority with constant and secure data availability.


Security Service Suite for DYNATECH SOLUTIONS

  1. Cybersecurity
  • Assessment, identification, and remediation of any threat are urgently needed given the rapid pace of digitalization. Our specialists work around the clock to identify and immediately remove any cyber threat to the system. Our system strives to provide you with the safest route forward.
  • DYNATECH SOLUTIONS addresses a wide range of factors related to cybersecurity, including integrated threat detection and solution, better real-time processes, data, and product integration, cost-effectiveness, and constant data management to address any vulnerabilities.
  • Endpoint threat detection and Response
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Managed Detection and Response Services
  • Next-gen network security Management
  • IoT security
  1. Identify and access management

With technological advancements, it is now crucial for any organization to protect its information and personal data. Any organization must establish IAM to protect the business from external threats, but it must also be flexible enough to change with time.

At DYNATECH SOLUTIONS, we provide best-in-class IAM services, such as proactive monitoring, managed services with 24/7 management, and services for transformation.

  • Determining the identity of individuals in the system
  • Determining how the roles in the system and their jobs assigned
  • Identifying the process of removal, updating, and adding to the system
  • Providing the right level of access to the people
  • Protecting sensitive data and securing the system
  • Identity Administration Platform
  • Directory Service Platform
  • Access Management Platform
  • Cloud IAM services
  • Provisioning and Single Sign-On
  • Incident Management
  • Self Service Component
  1. Data Privacy and Protection

For any company’s integrity, security supervision prevention is crucial. The protection of data and personal information is now a priority for society at large. Due to the many geographical jurisdictions, businesses are being compelled to examine data privacy very carefully. Certain characteristics are included in data privacy and protection.

Best-in-class Data Privacy and Protection, Data Protection Audits, Data Threat Analysis, Data Mapping Classification, Policy Design & Process Definition, and Data Feasibility Assessment are all services that we provide at DYNATECH SOLUTIONS.

  • Identify the sources and individual privacy compliance needs. Integration and reduction of privacy compliance requirements.
  • Draw up a privacy program charter and structure of the company with clear objectives, responsibilities, authorities, and cross-functional participation interaction models.
  • Develop and consistently implement and improvise privacy and data protection-related policies, processes, procedures, and information protection standards to secure data management based on classification levels.
  • Identify PII data flows, unstructured data and document flows having PII or special handling data. Also, restrict the data access only to authorized users.
  1. Governance, Risk, and Compliance

For the entire development and sustainability of the firm in this digital age, Governance, Risk, and Compliance are crucial. Because of their reliance on technology, businesses now have an obligation to find the correct balance between privacy and development.

The following system difficulties – Lack of visibility on critical assets and data, Incomplete coverage of security assets, Losses and their influence on the system as a result of attacks, and Optimization of governance risk – brought to the necessity for Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

  • Risk Assurance
  • Compliance Management Services
  • Automation and Transformation
  • Audit and Assessment Services
  • Data Privacy Services

How may DYNATECH SOLUTIONS benefit your security needs?

To keep any security dangers from infiltrating your workstation, our team of professionals continuously puts out effort. In order to give our clients, the most promising results, we endeavor to remove any hazard or risk to the organization’s security. To provide high-quality security, our professionals optimize and reinvent each layer of security service solutions.

Advanced security and disaster recovery solutions

  • IT security service specialists
  • Cyber threat prediction
  • Better compliance reporting
  • Reduction in security cost
  • Proactive security threat management

Why DYNATECH SOLUTIONS for Security Services?

  • Experienced and knowledgeable experts
  • Customer-focused solutions
  • Keeping up the ongoing operations
  • Modern solutions powered by technology
  • 24-hour assistance

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